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Frequently Asked Questions

Tenant FAQs

Here are some common questions we hear from tenants and potential tenants.

You can download our rental application using the Tenant Tab and submit them to our office via mail, fax, or e-mail. All applications require a nonrefundable $40.00 application fee, per adult on the lease.
Our reporting service will verify employment, pull credit report, conduct background checks, verify current residency and check with references. We use these measures to determine the stability of our residents, and ensure that you are able to meet all required obligations.
The security deposit is between 1 and 2 months rent, and will vary on a plethora of factors, namely the financial capability of the tenant. The security deposit may not be used as rent.
Pets are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and also depend on property preference.
Call our professional maintenance hotline for all repair issues. In the event of a gas emission or electrical service issue, please contact BGE and our office immediately.
Rent can be paid via online portal, mail, or in our office.

Owner FAQs

These are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from property owners.

Please contact Charles Barnett at 410-522-1078, or send him an e-mail at
Our property managers will work with the owner directly to determine a market price for your property.
We offer a plethora of tailored services to all of our clients, which include tenant placement, advertising vacant spaces, maintenance services, and management. These services are charged on a monthly basis, and depend on the property size and ownership goals.
We provide monthly profit and loss statements to all owners, and direct deposit all rental income into your bank account once a month.
Yes. Depending on ownership desires, Premier is capable of paying all expenses related to your property including the monthly mortgage.