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Tenant Placement

In addition to our full service property management services, we also offer full service tenant procurement/placement services in the Baltimore and surrounding areas.

This service is often used when the owner wants to personally handle the day to day management of the home, but seeks assistance locating, qualifying, screening and contracting the ideal tenant. Our goal is to save you time and money by delivering you a quality tenant for your property. Premier Property Management will solicit and stringently screening all prospective renters and tenants via:
  • Credit reports
  • Rental history
  • References
  • Employment verification records
  • Criminal background checks

  • We will prepare the Tenant Lease and/or Lease Option contracts on the owner’s behalf, convey (owner supplied) Home Owner Association Disclosure and Rules and Regulations to the tenant for approval (if applicable) as well as convey (owner supplied) Lead-Based Paint Addendum for properties built prior to 1978.

    Benefits to the You:

  • No lease renewal fee for tenants we place in your property
  • No long term contract
  • Free use of our lease documents (if desired)
  • Experienced staff to answer incoming calls
  • Access to our recommended list of reasonably priced contractors for repairs or maintenance projects Tenant Placement Fee
  • One-time fee equal to 100% of the first full month’s rental rate once tenant signs the lease
  • No additional fee is due should tenant renew lease for additional lease term
  • Marketing:

    Upon initial walk-through of your property, we will provide professional advice on getting top rental dollar quickly. Our services include:
  • Shooting indoor/outdoor pictures of your property
  • Verifying square footage and compile detailed marketing information
  • Listing your property on numerous rental housing web sites as well as your own rental website
  • Advertising your property in local newspaper(s)
  • Placing “For Rent” yard sign at property (if allowed)
  • Property Showing:

    Our property showing services include:
  • Coordinating and scheduling showings with your existing tenants (if applicable)
  • Notifying you of the showing activity we generate
  • Providing a lockbox on the property door
  • Providing feedback to the owner on all property showings
  • Providing on-going follow up with prospective tenants until they make a rental decision

  • Whether you are a prospective tenant looking for the right place to live or are an existing property owner that is looking for a way to maximize your return on investment, we’re here to help. Our company is active throughout the Greater Baltimore region, please contact us today for your real estate needs.

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