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Rental Property Management in Baltimore

Since 2007, Premier Property Management Investment, or PPMI, has been providing both quality and reliable rental property management services to the residential and commercial property renters in the Baltimore and surrounding areas. PPMI offers many different types of services to ensure our customers can find exactly what services they need all in one, convenient place.

A Few of Our Rental Property Management Services

  • Billing and Collecting
  • Facilitate Insurance Claims
  • Regular In-home Inspections
  • Preparing Legal Documents
  • Processing Evictions
  • General Maintenance and Repairs

This is just a short list of all of the rental property management services we offer our customers. We understand how much work rental properties can be, but we also know they can be a great income for families and businesses alike. This is why we work so hard to take care of the everyday work that goes into both commercial and residential properties: because we want our customers to enjoy the benefits of the residual income rental properties can bring with more free time to spend doing what they love with the people they love.

If you are interested in using PPMI’s reliable rental property management services but aren’t sure if we’d be the right fit for you, one of our team members would be happy to have a free consultation with you to go over your rental properties, needs for those properties, and our rental property management services.

Whether you’re considering property management for the first time or already have properties you’re managing that are taking up way too much of your time, we’re sure PPMI can be of service. Contact our qualified team at PPMI today and let us manage your properties efficiently and effectively, giving you more free time to do the things you really love with consistent cash flow coming in each month for you.

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