7 Mistakes Baltimore Property Managers Make

Taking on the role of a property manager entails having a reliable method of performing the task. Over time, you will begin to discover your own processes and what works for you as every Baltimore property manager’s situation will differ, thus demanding different approaches. However, several key elements are necessary to carry out the job […]

What to Look for In Investment Property Contractors

Managing rental properties involve several key elements to run successfully. Of all the duties that a property manager handles, specific skill-based maintenance and repairs are not on the list. Instead, it is the job of the property manager to source reputable investment property contractors to professionally maintain or repair the property that you are managing. […]

Winter Safety Tips and Liability for Baltimore Rental Properties

Winter is upon us and with it comes frigid temperatures and snow storms. Our homes are built to withstand these and keep us warm and cozy until springtime. However, there are several things that you need to consider before bearing the brunt of winter, especially if you have a rental property. Preparing your Baltimore rental […]