History of Glen Burnie MD

Located in the heart of Anne Arundel, residents of Glen Burnie enjoy close proximity to BWI, Baltimore City, D.C, and Annapolis. Glen Burnie is not only a throughway between major metropolitan hubs, it is also the home to many residents who appreciate the community that they are a part of. Today the area consists of populated suburbs and commercial districts but the town itself comes from humble beginnings.  

Glen Burnie’s Early Days

The first conception of the area currently known as Glen Burnie comes in 1812, when district attorney Elias Glenn, established a county seat near modern-day Brooklyn Park. He called his newly acquired property “Glennsburne.” The property was passed down through Elias Glenn’s descendants who would change its name twice, to “Glennsbourne Farm” and eventually “Glenburnie”. In 1854, the area saw its largest boost in commerce when Elias Glenn’s grandson, William Wilkins Glenn incorporated the Curtis Creek Mining, Furnace, and Manufacturing company into his family’s property. This move would bring attention and industry to the area as it was a major producer of iron bars and pig iron. The Curtis Creek furnace, which is still preserved today, was built in 1759 and would be paired with a foundry in 1829. In 1888, the area became an official state division leading the Glenn family to hire George T. Melvin and Henry S. Mancha to lay out and promote the town. In 1930, the area would be given its current name when postmaster Louis J. DeAlba separated the two words and deemed it “Glen Burnie.” 

Highways and BWI

The town of Glen Burnie has seen some major developments over the past decades. The most influential to the area was the construction of the Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. In the years after World War 2, the City of Baltimore purchased a large plot of farmland in northern Anne Arundel and built the Friendship International Airport which opened in 1950. In 1972, it was sold to the Maryland Department of Transportation for $36 million. While the airport served as a long range transportation hub, the area had long been connected by a series of highways. Since 1939, Ritchie Highway has carried the vast majority of traffic from Annapolis to Baltimore. It is still heavily used today but its traffic burden was lightened with the construction of Interstate 97 in the 1980’s.

Glen Burnie Today

Glen Burnie is conveniently placed just outside of Baltimore City and right next to BWI. It serves as a quaint suburb for its residents while remaining closely connected with its metropolitan neighbors through various forms of transportation. This connection has led to its current wealth of properties and makes the area a fantastic option for those who need to commute to the cities but desire the suburbs as their residence. Glen Burnie also has direct access to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, allowing for quick access to the coast. With a variety of transportation routes, conveniently placed location and a welcoming suburban community, Glen Burnie continues to grow its population for the many Marylanders who seek to call it home.

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