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A Different Approach to Property Management in Rosedale MD

Since our inception, it has been our goal to return valuable time and energy to the lives of our clients. We do this by approaching the task of property management with a comprehensive set of services that ensure that every aspect of your property is expertly cared for. 

We are proud of our track record and are eager to show you the difference that Premier can make in your property investment experience. No matter if you have a large multi-family apartment complex or a single investment home, Premier prides itself on our ability to proficiently manage properties of all sizes.

Our Key Services

As a Property Management Company in Rosedale MD

24/7 Maintenance Services

Remaining persistent in promptly fulfilling maintenance requests is how Premier manages to avoid small problems growing into larger, costly complications. Our 24/7 maintenance services insure that your property stays in excellent condition.

Fully Managed Property Services

Our fully managed services guarantee that our team handles every aspect needed to professionally manage your properties. From tenant screening to move-out procedures and everything in between, Premier does it all.

Investment Identification

Our expert knowledge of Rosedale MD and the surrounding areas allows us to identify possible additions to your investment portfolio.

Comprehensive Tenant Screening

Premier is committed to finding the best possible tenants to occupy your properties. Our comprehensive tenant screening allows us to find tenants who will care for your property and make rental payments on time.

Low Monthly Management Fee

With Premier, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of service just to get a fair rate. We are committed to providing a professional level of service at a price that makes sense.

12 Month Tenant Warranty

Every property that Premier manages receives a 12-month tenant warranty guarantee. This extra protection ensures that you don’t miss out on any of your rental income.

Comprehensive Property Management in Rosedale MD

Is managing your investment properties becoming a burden that limits your ability to spend time expanding your portfolio? With Premier, you get to enjoy the benefit of having your time and energy returned to you while we handle everything that is needed to manage your investment properties. From 24/7 maintenance services to a comprehensive tenant screening process, we provide you with everything you need to get back to what matters, expanding your investment portfolio. 

Why Choose PPMI in Rosedale MD?

Premier provides everything you need to remain confident that your investments are receiving professional and comprehensive property management services. With our professional team of property managers and our network of expert service partners, we are confident in our ability to manage properties of all shapes and sizes. If you’re ready to receive the best property management in Rosedale MD, call or contact us today.

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