Finding Quality Tenant Placement In Baltimore

When it comes to finding tenants for your rental property, you want it to be a one and done experience. Finding a quality tenant who will pay their bills on time, not destroy the property, not be reliant on you for everything, and not cause problems with other tenants are all super important qualities. But how can you find a tenant like that? Where do you look for a quality tenant that meets all those specifications? How long will it take to find a quality tenant? After all, every month your rental property is empty, you’re losing out on making money and paying out of pocket for the rent. That’s where PPMI comes in.

Tenant Placement Services

At PPMI, we specialize in finding quality tenants in Baltimore that meet all that criteria and more. Our tenant placement services include everything you need to quickly fill your empty rental but not at the expense of a good tenant. We know where to look to find quality tenants so you won’t have to go through the whole process all over again in three months. Our tenant placement services include locating, qualifying, screening, and contracting an ideal tenant. But what does all of that include?

Locating: We first look for tenants that fall within our parameters of what a quality tenant should be. We know where to look to find tenants that we can put through our process to see if they’re a right fit for your rental type, location, and price range.

Qualifying: The next step is qualifying the tenant to ensure they can pay the rent on time, that they don’t have too many people for the rental size, and the list goes on. We have a checklist of items we go through to ensure the tenants qualifies for your specific rental type.

Screening: Once we’ve gone through the locating and qualifying, the next step is screening. This is probably the most important step of them all. We check credit reports, rental history, references, employment verification records, and do a criminal background check. All of these help verify that the tenant can pay their bills, aren’t into anything shady, and don’t have any history of being a bad tenant elsewhere.

Contracting: The final step to seal the deal is contracting. We prepare the Tenant Lease and/or Lease Option contracts on your behalf, convey the Homeowner Association Disclosure (provided by the owner) and Rules and Regulations (if applicable) to the tenant for approval. We also convey the Lead-based Paint Addendum (provided by the owner) for properties built prior to 1978.

Other Tenant Placement Services

Along with our regular tenant placement services, we also provide other services to help find quality tenants so you can step back and not have to be a part of any of the process. These services include marketing and property showings. By adding on these services, you can find more tenants if you have a large apartment building or multiple houses to rent out. This also helps find tenants faster and allows you to step back completely from the process. Property showings are important, but by adding this service, we won’t have to call you each time a prospective tenant wants to see the property. So what do our marketing and property showing services include?

Marketing: We do a walkthrough of the property and provide feedback on ways you can get top dollar for your rental property. We also do all of the photography inside and outside to ensure quality listings and the best views of the rental. We verify the square footage and note any special features or highlights for the listing. Then we begin the true marketing by placing a For Rent sign outside (if allowed), listing the rental property in the local newspaper as well as listing the property on local several rental housing websites.

Property Showing: Our property showing services include a lockbox on the rental property door and notifying you of any showing activity. We’ll also coordinate and schedule showings with the current occupants if necessary. After each showing, we’ll provide feedback on how it went and what the potential renter thought. We’ll continue following up with each potential candidate until they’ve decided on a rental property.

While each of these services is great on their own, to get the full value of our tenant placement services, all three working together will get you the best chances of quickly finding a responsible, quality tenant for your rental property. For more information about our tenant placement services or any of the other services we offer at PPMI, you can contact us by calling during regular business hours or filling out the form on our website. We look forward to working with you and helping you start making money on that rental property sooner rather than later.


If having someone else provide tenant placement services in Baltimore is a service you are interested in, contact us at PPMI and we can help find the best tenants for your property.

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