5 Best Apps for Rental Management in Baltimore

Managing your own investment properties requires the ability to balance lots of moving parts. Thankfully, there are countless apps that help manage day-to-day tasks and get a better grasp on each aspect of the management experience. Deciding which apps to implement into your property management processes means identifying areas that could use improvement. If you’re not ready to work with a professional property management company, or simply want more insights into the performance of your properties, these apps may be useful for rental management in Baltimore.

Identifying New Investments

  1. Property Tracker

Identifying properties with potential for investment is a major aspect for anyone looking to begin or expand their investment portfolio. Finding the right property can often be tricky, however, the Property Tracker app can help. It will help you in finding properties that would make profitable investments by providing ROI estimates, potential expenses, and other valuable data points that will guide you in your investment property search.

App for Listing and Renting Property

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  1. Rentberry

Bringing in new tenants to occupy your rental property is a key aspect of rental management in Baltimore. Rentberry streamlines the tenant acquisition process by allowing you to manage applications, tenant screening, tour schedules, and applicant communications all in one convenient location. Enjoy having potential tenants fill out their applications from within the app, making organization simple.

App for Prepping Units

  1. Room Planner

Prepping your rental property for showings is pivotal to securing prospective tenants. Interior decorating can often be a costly endeavor, so being able to plan your interior design in a digital space can prove to be invaluable. The Room Planner app does just that. By allowing you to design the floor plan of your rental property in a 3D digital space, you will avoid making expensive design decisions that don’t look as good as you thought they would in the real world.

Rent Tracking Apps

  1. Landlord Studio

Rent collection is the bread and butter of rental management in Baltimore. Therefore, managing and organizing property management data is extremely important. With the Landlord Studio app, you can effortlessly track income and expenses, generate reports, screen for new tenants, automate rent collection online, and much more. 

All-in-One Property Management App

  1. Doorloop

Doorloop brings together all of the aspects of the previously mentioned apps in a single, all-in-one property management application. If you manage several rental properties, this app can be an extremely useful tool when it comes to organizing all of your assets and documents. Doorloop has accounting features such as payment management, expense tracking, and a full chart of all of your accounts. When it comes to tenant interactions, they can all be handled within the app, meaning automated rent collection and tenant communications can be easily accessed by both you and your tenants. As for maintenance, Doorloop offers a solution that allows you to track a job’s progression, and change work orders all within the app.

Professional Rental Management in Baltimore

If you are looking for a professional team of property managers in Baltimore who will take the burden of property management off of you, Premier Property Management is here to help. Our team of committed property management specialists will handle every aspect of managing your investments while you enjoy returning time and energy back into your life. If comprehensive property management services are something that interests you, call or contact Premier Property Management today to find out how we can benefit you and your rental properties.

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