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About Our Owner

Charles Barnett holds the position of President and Founder at Premier Property Management Investment LLC, where his leadership plays a pivotal role in driving growth and ensuring the long-term success of the company. Boasting an extensive career spanning more than 15 years in property management, primarily in Howard County and the broader central Maryland region, he founded the firm in 2007. Mr. Barnett excels in navigating complex county procedures, adeptly managing leasing arrangements and permits, and overseeing the day-to-day operations as well as strategic expansion initiatives. His expertise is rooted in a background with a strong emphasis on maintenance and is further bolstered by his finance degree from Morgan State University. Notably, Mr. Barnett also holds a Maryland Real Estate agent license.

A Different Approach to Property Management

When searching for property management companies in Howard County Maryland, it’s important to understand what sets one apart from the other. A commitement to service, an understanding of your needs as an investor and a fully managed suite of services are what’s on offer from Premier Property Management. We’ve helped clients across the Baltimore metro area save time, money, and energy while delivering a management experience that will keep tenants happy, units occupied, and properties in good condition. 

Our Key Services

As a Property Management Company in Howard County

24/7 Maintenance Services

Attentive maintenance can be the difference between a maintenance issue becoming a maintenance disaster. Our 24/7 maintenance services in Columbia ensure your properties are protected.

Fully Managed Property Services

Discover a new sense of calm when we take care of every aspect of your property management needs, from leasing and rent collection to moving out procedures.

Investment Identification

Our work as investors and licensed realtors has given us a unique perspective as managers, assisting you with investment opportunities.

Comprehensive Tenant Screening

We put dedication into screening for the right tenants, who will take care of your units, and with whom we can build strong relationships to ensure long-term occupancy.

Low Monthly Management Fee

Tired of having to choose between a fair price or great service? We understand you. That’s why we offer dedicated, professional services for a low monthly management fee.

12 Month Tenant Warranty

We guarantee a 12 month tenant warranty on all our properties. This extra layer of protection helps to ensure that you don’t lose out on valuable income when a problem arises.


When it comes to property management in Howard County, it’s crucial to provide property owners with essential support to simplify operations and improve overall success. Our team of experts is skilled at efficiently handling daily tasks, allowing property owners to focus on other important matters. We take pride in creating a smooth experience for tenants, offering expert care, and resolving issues promptly, which keeps tenants satisfied and encourages longer stays. One of the significant advantages of Howard County property management is the extensive network of vendors these professionals have established. These networks cover a wide range of services, from pest control to maintenance, ensuring quick and reliable property upkeep as needed. Additionally, their leasing expertise speeds up the process of finding suitable tenants and effectively managing leases. In summary, Howard County property management services are essential for successful property ownership. They provide convenience, strengthen tenant relationships, and enhance property profitability, making them a valuable resource for property owners in the region.

Comprehensive Property Management in Howard County MD

Property management can eat up your time and energy. It can force you to reorganize your priorities to ensure a property is taken care of. By employing a comprehensive property manager, you have the advantage of your properties being fully managed without taking valuable time out of your own day. At Premier, we bring together affordable management fees with dedicated service, from tenant screening and the initial leasing process through to attentive maintenance and crucial move outs. Get your time back with a comprehensive property manager. 

A Complete Property Management Process

1. Before Lease:

When it comes to property management companies in Howard County, Premier distinguishes itself through its distinctive and effective approach. Our journey starts with crafting enticing and visually captivating property listings that showcase the unique qualities of your homes or units. A robust property marketing strategy not only generates interest but also maintains high occupancy rates. Our dedicated team arranges expert showings to present your property in the best possible light. Yet, our commitment goes beyond that. We implement a comprehensive tenant screening process, prioritizing individuals who exhibit a strong commitment to property care and punctual rent payments. Once the ideal tenant is identified, we handle leasing, security deposit collection, key exchanges, pre-move-in property preparations, and much more.

2. During Lease:

Our main goal is to nurture robust tenant relationships throughout their lease tenure. Satisfied tenants contribute to the upkeep of properties, ensure on-time rent payments, and extend their stay. As the property owner, you can have confidence in our comprehensive management approach. This encompasses collecting rent promptly, maintaining continuous communication with tenants, coordinating maintenance, addressing emergencies promptly, and conducting routine property inspections to ensure proper maintenance. Our steadfast commitment to proficient property management provides you with peace of mind throughout the entire lease period.

3. End of Lease:

To ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your properties, a seamless transition is crucial, and we ensure it with the assistance of our exceptional vendors. Our thorough property inspections provide a comprehensive evaluation of the unit’s condition, enabling us to assess security deposits in relation to the property’s state before returning them to previous tenants. We also take responsibility for move-out cleaning and can manage any necessary maintenance or property upgrades to keep your unit competitive in the market.

Our highly skilled team is well-prepared to handle conflict resolution between tenants and property owners, including legal procedures such as eviction when necessary. In moments of conflict, we tackle the challenge with a wealth of knowledge, extensive experience, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the protection of your rights and those of your property.

4. Investment Services:

We have a strong sense of pride in our property management proficiency, and our dedication encompasses more than just property management itself. We possess a specialized skill for recognizing and acquiring high-yield investment properties, which can substantially boost the performance of your investment portfolio. Our unwavering commitment to financial responsibility ensures that our property management services not only excel in quality but also offer competitive and budget-friendly management fees. Our aim is to elevate your entire investment journey by delivering a complete solution, from efficiently managing your existing properties to actively identifying and securing new investment opportunities.

The Importance of Property Management Services in Columbia MD

When it comes to property management in Howard County, you can expect a wealth of support and benefits.  By entrusting professionals with daily tasks, property owners gain the freedom to direct their attention to other important priorities. Expert care and quick issue resolution ensure a seamless tenant experience, promoting tenant satisfaction and long-term retention.

Property managers in Howard County boast extensive vendor networks, covering various services like pest control, handymen, and maintenance staff. These networks ensure swift and dependable property maintenance when needed. Additionally, their leasing expertise expedites the tenant turnover process, from identifying suitable occupants to efficiently managing leases.

In essence, property management in Howard County stands as a cornerstone of effective property ownership, significantly elevating convenience, tenant relations, and property profitability for owners in the region.


Elevating the resident experience through our property management services in Howard County brings substantial benefits to property owners. Our commitment to crafting inviting and well-kept living spaces fosters responsible tenant conduct, encompassing property upkeep and punctual rent payments. Consequently, this leads to extended tenant tenures, enhanced property values, and decreased turnover, nurturing a mutually advantageous partnership between property owners and contented residents. In essence, it’s a successful approach that maximizes both property profitability and tenant contentment.

Types of Management We Do:

Single Family Home: Many individuals entering the real estate investment arena begin by directing their attention to single-family homes, which provide an excellent gateway to the industry. Others choose to manage an array of individual single-family listings. Regardless of your chosen path, our team possesses the expertise needed to meet the unique demands of single-family home management in Harford County. We are fully prepared to take care of property maintenance, ensuring that these homes are effectively maintained and managed for the foreseeable future.

Multi-Family Home: Effectively overseeing multi-family properties presents a multifaceted challenge, demanding adept orchestration and adeptly addressing a multitude of scenarios concurrently. Our team boasts a wealth of expertise in overseeing both compact and expansive multi-family enclaves, and our all-encompassing property management solutions are meticulously crafted to alleviate the burdens on your plate, enabling you to channel your efforts toward the expansion of your enterprise.

HOA: As property managers serving Howard County, we assume a pivotal role in the oversight of Homeowners’ Association (HOA) regulations, diligently working to foster a tranquil and well-maintained community atmosphere. Our team of seasoned professionals rigorously enforces these guidelines, expertly managing resident communications to ensure universal adherence. We conduct routine inspections, enforce HOA mandates, and address any potential penalties or disputes that may arise. Our unwavering commitment to transparent and open communication empowers you to concentrate on nurturing a thriving community alongside your fellow neighbors and friends.

Condo Communities: Prioritizing the well-being of residents stands as a primary focus within condominium community administration, alongside the efficient enforcement of regulations aimed at fostering a peaceful coexistence. Our dependable team is available to aid you in streamlining the administration of intricate communities, providing reliability and ease of use.

Vacation Properties and Air BnB: In the ever-evolving landscape of vacation property leasing, you need a proficient team that can adeptly manage the challenges. We offer a spectrum of vital services for property owners in the rental sector, encompassing swift property turnovers, immediate responsiveness to guest crises, and meticulous upkeep. Rely on our team to deliver expert solutions that position you as a frontrunner in the industry.

Why Choose PPMI in Howard County MD?

When choosing the right property management companies in Howard County Maryland, it’s crucial to consider the value you receive. At Premier, we have the capacity to manage properties of all types, from single town homes to large multi-family projects. We bring the same knowledge and care to each property in our charge. See the Premier difference today. 

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