How Technology Improves Property Management in Baltimore County

Living in the modern age means there is no short supply of available technologies for use in all aspects of daily life. When it comes to running a business, the same is true. As time goes on, businesses should begin implementing these technologies into their everyday operations. Doing so helps with organizing, marketing, and selling. As a business focusing on property management in Baltimore County, it is important to take advantage of the variety of technologies available in order to streamline workflow and organize the vast amounts of information.

Virtual Property Tours

The incredible feature of being able to put someone into a property from the comfort of their home is unprecedented and immensely beneficial to both the property manager and the tenant. Instead of scheduling viewing times and making an appearance for a potential tenant to see the property, any interested parties can instantly take a full virtual tour of the unit.  

Digital Management Systems

Using the available digital management systems helps landlords and property managers organize events. This includes viewings, maintenance, and meetings with tenants. In terms of keeping your schedule organized and not forgetting appointments, proper implementation of a digital management system is one of the most effective ways.

Internet Marketing

The benefits of internet marketing can not be undermined as it significantly increases traffic to a business. Using social media to broadcast to potential tenants attracts a larger pool of people to your listings. Websites like and Zillow also allow more people to become aware of your business and listings while working as a hub for those with a specified interest in rental properties. Besides using a third-party website to host your listings, consider building your own website for your business. By doing so, all aspects of your property management can be located in one place. Links can be attached to advertisements to redirect to your website. The marketing power of a well-built website that contains all of the information relevant to a Baltimore County property management business is incomparable to any other form of business-related technology.   

Digital Maintenance Requests

Instead of making a series of phone calls to deal with each individual maintenance request, consider software that encompasses every request in one organized place. This way, requests and progress on the repairs can be easily tracked and assigned to the appropriate vendors. Tenants can easily make a request and even upload pictures instantly, making the entire process streamlined and easier for all parties involved.

Online Payments

Never before has it been easier to manage money and pay bills. In the past decade, our currency has made its way to the digital sphere in ways that continue to add ease and convenience to our lives. As for Baltimore County property managers, the simplicity of collecting online payments from multiple tenants is far easier than dealing with paper payments, mailing, keeping track of who paid, and physically going to the bank to make deposits. Tenants can also set up auto-pay programs which make the rent collection process routine and effortless. 

Accounting Software

accounting financial concept. business presentation software on computer screen by e-learning computer training at home.

Keeping accurate and meticulous financial records plays a huge role in the functionality of a business. Organizing these records comes with its own series of headaches, especially for a business with a large number of clients. Using accounting software eliminates the need for any paper financial records and keeps track of all of them in one organized digital space. Excel spreadsheets are a fantastic cheap and easy way digitally keep records but other, more comprehensive, software exists, that could hold more value depending on the size and complexity of your business.

Smart Technology

With the abundance of available high-tech gadgets on the market today, it is hard not to implement at least a few of them into your business or property, especially considering how simple and inexpensive most of them are. Increasing the safety factor in a residence will boost its value and attract higher-paying tenants. Smart security cameras grant the ability to live stream the home anywhere from your mobile device. Smart LED lighting systems bring a high-tech feel to the residence while lowering monthly energy costs. Smart smoke detectors will notify the homeowner or landlord should smoke or gas be detected and nobody is home, leading to a quicker response time. These small but powerful devices will boost the value of the home while also adding important safety precautions.

Trusted Property Management in Baltimore County

Technology’s basic purpose is to make tasks in life easier to perform. When it comes to the complex task of property management, every available form of assistance should be taken in order to provide the best service possible. While the tech greatly improves workflow, communication, and organization, Baltimore property management still requires a team of professional experts to function at a high level. At Premier Property Management, we incorporate both for the purpose of providing the highest quality of property management to our valued clients. Contact us today and find out the difference Premier can make for your investment property.   

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