Property Management in
Glen Burnie MD

Expert property management services in Glen Burnie MD at the right price.

A Different Approach to Property Management

At Premier Property Management, our mission is to provide property management services that meet every need you have as a property owner. From finding the best tenants to occupy your properties to properly managing their experience so your properties stay occupied and making money, we ensure you succeed as investor. 

With experience as realtors and investors ourselves, we see ourselves as your partner, helping you identify new investment opportunities and instilling in you the security of knowing your properties are taken care of. 

Our Key Services

As a Property Management Company in Baltimore County

24/7 Maintenance Services

No matter where in the greater Glen Burnie area your property is located, our 24/7 maintenance service provides prompt maintenance to address needs of tenants.

Fully Managed Property Services

Reclaim your time with our fully managed services. We take care of everything, from rent collection to move out procedures so you you can focus your time and energy how you want.

Investment Identification

We bring our expertise as investors and realtors directly to you. Our distinct knowledge of metro Baltimore means we can help you identify new investments.

Comprehensive Tenant Screening

The perfect tenant is one that keeps your property occupied, meets their lease agreements, and takes care of the living space. We comprehensively screen for the best candidates.

Low Monthly Management Fee

You don’t need to sacrifice quality to get property management services at a great price. We offer a low management fee while still maintaining top-tier quality of service for all of our clients.

12 Month Tenant Warranty

We guarantee a 12 month tenant warranty on all our properties. This extra layer of protection helps to ensure that you don’t lose out on valuable income when a problem arises.

Comprehensive Property Management in Glen Burnie MD

When we take on new clients, there a few common things we hear: that managing their own properties has vacuumed up their time and sapped their energy. At Premier, we’ve made it our duty to help property owners reap the most benefits of their investments possible while reclaiming time and energy. We do this by providing comprehensive property management in Glen Burnie, allowing you to put your effort towards other endeavors. We enhance the experience tenants have so they want. to stay longer and keep your properties taken care of. If you’re tired of doing it all yourself, it’s time to give Premier Property Management a call. 

Why Choose PPMI in Glen Burnie MD?

A good property manager brings experience, knowledge, and resources to the table to make the overall process work. At Premier, our years as investors and realtors gave us the perspective on how best to take care of properties, tenants, and owners. 

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