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A Different Approach to Property Management

Finding the right property management company in Columbia MD shouldn’t have to be a challenge. You value your properties and tenants, and ensuring everything is properly taken care of is important to every property owner. At Premier Property Management, we take this responsibility seriously. We work with owners of portfolios of all sizes, from large-scale multi-family investment owners to smaller single-property investors. We apply the same since of professionalism and attention to all of our clients. 

Our Key Services

As a Property Management Company in Columbia MD

24/7 Maintenance Services

Attentive maintenance can be the difference between a maintenance issue becoming a maintenance disaster. Our 24/7 maintenance services in Columbia ensure your properties are protected.

Fully Managed Property Services

Discover a new sense of calm when we take care of every aspect of your property management needs, from leasing and rent collection to moving out procedures.

Investment Identification

Our work as investors and licensed realtors has given us a unique perspective as managers, assisting you with investment opportunities.

Comprehensive Tenant Screening

We put dedication into screening for the right tenants, who will take care of your units, and with whom we can build strong relationships to ensure long-term occupancy

Low Monthly Management Fee

Tired of having to choose between a fair price or great service? We understand you. That’s why we offer dedicated, professional services for a low monthly management fee.

12 Month Tenant Warranty

We guarantee a 12 month tenant warranty on all our properties. This extra layer of protection helps to ensure that you don’t lose out on valuable income when a problem arises.

Comprehensive Property Management in Columbia MD

Property management is resource intensive, requiring time and energy to ensure rents are collected, maintenance is conducted, and move out procedures are respected. At Premier Property Management, we take a proactive role as your property managers to ensure every aspect of the process is conducted right the first time. Say goodbye to panicked midnight calls from tenants with a leaking pipe or having to prep properties for a sudden winter storm. Premier takes care of everything so you can rest easy.  If you’re searching for great property management in Columbia MD, look no further. 

Why Choose PPMI in Columbia MD?

Sometimes, the term cost-effective can sound like a bad thing, that it implies a lower quality of service. But at Premier Property Management, we believe cost-effective should mean paying a reasonable price for incredible service. We have built our company around provided a needed service to our amazing clients, and doing at a price that makes sense to them. We’re excited for you to discover the PPMI difference. 

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