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A Committed Approach to Property Management

Since we began, we have been able to assist homeowners across Maryland to regain the time and energy they lose managing their own investment properties with a comprehensive set of property management services. Our team’s combined experience as investors and realtors grants us a unique perspective on ensuring that your property receives proper care and that your tenants remain happy with their stay. 

We are committed to continuing our track record and are proud of our ability to expertly manage investment portfolios of all sizes. Regardless if you have a single investment home or a multi-family complex, we are eager to show you how we can benefit your investment experience.

Our Key Services

As a Property Management Company in Taneytown MD

24/7 Maintenance Services

Providing prompt and responsive maintenance services to every property we manage is crucial to ensuring that they are properly cared for and preventing smaller problems from growing into larger ones that require expensive repairs.

Fully Managed Property Services

Our fully managed property services mean that you can rest assured that every aspect of your property is expertly taken care of. We handle tenant screening, move-out procedures, and everything in between.

Investment Identification

As previous investors, we have a unique insight into potential investment opportunities in the Taneytown area that would make great additions to your investment portfolio.

Comprehensive Tenant Screening

We are committed to finding the best possible tenants to occupy your properties. Our comprehensive tenant screening process helps find tenants who will respect your property and make rent payments on time.

Low Monthly Management Fee

With our low monthly management fee, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing a high quality of service for an affordable rate. At Premier Property Management, we provide both.

12 Month Tenant Warranty

Every property we manage comes with a 12-month tenant warranty that ensures that your income is protected against any complications that may arise.

Comprehensive Property Management in Taneytown MD

Far too often are property investors burdened with the effort that comes with managing their own properties. At Premier Property Management, we return your time and energy with our comprehensive set of services. From 24/7 maintenance to organized rent collection, we handle it all so you can get back to expanding your investment portfolio. 

Why Choose PPMI in Taneytown MD?

Premier combines our expertise and experience with a professional network of service providers to provide you with a total property management experience. Our approach to property management allows us to confidently take on investment portfolios of any size. We are excited to share our method of success with you and show you the difference that we can make in your investment experience.

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