Finding Quality Harford County Property Management

Finding a quality property management company in Harford County is easier than you may think. Premier Property Management Investment has been helping property owners for over a decade with even more experience from each of our team members. Our goal is to provide professional, quality services that make your life easier while still making money on your rental properties. We have worked in Baltimore and surrounding areas learning every rule, law, and regulation in each county to provide the more experienced services around. Our property management team provides a variety of services at different levels, so you can pick and choose exactly what type of help you need. Every rental property is unique which is why our services are unique to each property owner. Check out the property management services we offer to find out if PPMI is right for you.

What Property Management Services Does PPMI Offer?

We offer a wide range of services for our clients that can include as much or as little help as you need. We know that some property owners would rather be hands-off completely and let us take care of every detail while others only need help in a few areas. We are flexible with our services and allow you to choose exactly what you need for your rental properties. Below are just a few of the property management services we provide. To see a full list and what each entails, click here.

  • Tenant Placement – This can be one of the hardest parts of renting a property. Even if you do find a tenant for your property, will they stay long? Will they be able to pay their bills? Our team vets each tenant application and finds quality tenants for your rental property through background checks, credit reports, rental history, and employment verification. It’s more than just finding a tenant: it’s finding a qualified tenant for your property.
  • Advertising – Advertising for a qualified tenant is different from advertising for a product or sale. You need to know where to advertise to get the proper leads and where people are looking. Through years of experience, our team has been advertising rental properties to find potential tenants for our clients as well as our own rental properties.
  • Maintenance – Maintenance is such a huge part of owning a rental property and can be incredibly time consuming. Having a dedicated property management team that takes every maintenance call and handles them quickly frees up so much of your time and helps you get better sleep from those middle of the night emergency calls.
  • Rent Collection – If you are a newer property owner, the idea of collecting rent from your tenants each month may seem daunting. As your property managers, our team collects the rent for you, and you get paid right after. No long waiting periods or wondering where your money is. Everything is done electronically, so there are no weekends or holidays waiting for the bank to open to deposit cash or checks. It’s simple, easy, and you still make money on your rental properties.
  • Paperwork – Receipts, monthly statements, itemized statements, and more are all needed for your taxes. We send you copies of everything, so when tax season comes around, you’re ready and prepared with everything you need.

You can view our fees and rates here for our property management services. We offer three different options because the number of rental properties and work for each varies between rental property owners. We also offer consultations for rental property owners who want to learn how to manage their properties better and increase their net rental income.

Do You Provide Property Management Outside of Harford County?

We are continuously practicing and improving our property management services through our own rental properties which in turn helps our clients have an even better property management experience. We have rental properties available all over Maryland at different times. Some rental properties can have dogs or cats but all of them are in great condition and ready for a new renter. These properties do not last long, so if you find one that is right for your family, contact our office today to find out more about the property or fill out the form on the page. There are so many great benefits of renting, and who better to rent from than a property management company? We can take care of all your maintenance needs and have automated systems set up for payment, fees, receipts, taxes, and more. We look forward to helping you rent your next family home.

Whether you have been looking to hire a property management company in Harford County or are in need of a rental property in or around the Baltimore area, PPMI is the company for you. Our team of professionals has been helping renters and rental property owners for decades in Maryland and knows the laws and regulations in place for each county. We are here to make your life easier, so contact us today to find out how we can help you through a stress-free, professional rental process. It’s what we do best.

Do You Have Rental Properties Available?

In addition to all the great understanding and knowledge from Charles Barnett, we offer a wide variety of services. Not only do we draw up tenant lease forms and set a fair rent price, we also find and screen the tenants. We keep meticulous records of where all rent go and how the funds were used to keep your properties up and running.

Contact our property management services in Harford County and we can help get you your tenants, maintenance crew, and legal documents needed to succeed. Your success is our goal.

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