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So many things in life are complicated or make life more difficult which is why we have created a simple property management solution for our clients. We know you don’t need more added to your plate. Life is busy and stressful without adding on more work to your growing to-do list or trying to figure out a company’s details of what they offer or don’t offer. Here at PPMI, we keep our services simple so that our clients know they can trust us to help take some of the work and stress off of your daily to-do list, so that you can get back to the things and people you love.


We serve the Baltimore County area by offering property management services that are flexible to work with any size property or investor. Our services range from a small portion of the work to take a few tasks off your plate to handling every detail of the process so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Every person is different and every property is different, so by offering flexibility in our services, we can help more people relieve stress and work without fitting everyone into one cookie-cutter service.

Our Services

Whether you decide to choose a couple services to ease your workload or you would like us to handle all of the property management for your rental properties, our team can accommodate anything you need. Our services are flexible, so if you find you need us to take on more than what you originally asked for, we can do that too. Our team will work with you to help you decide the best fit for what you are looking for while understanding life changes and you may need more or less work in the future.

  • Billing – This is one of the most important parts of property management because without collecting rent, you don’t get paid. But we have found that this can be the hardest part of owning a rental property for many of our clients. Our team will collect the rent every month and deposit money into your bank account. It’s simple and easy, and you never have to worry about trying to follow up with a tenant about rent or deal with late payments, etc.
  • Tenant Placement – This is the most important part of owning a rental property. Without tenants, there is no rent to collect. Having a property or unit sit empty means you’re losing out on money, and we never want to see that happen. We work to vet the tenants that apply for your rental property to find the best candidates that have track records proving they can pay and will pay on time each month. We work quickly so your units are filled and making money as fast as we can get a quality tenant in there.
  • Advertising – Getting the word out about your rental property is key in getting applications for your unit. We focus our advertising in specific locations that will reach a broad audience and start getting applications quickly. The faster we fill the unit, the faster you can start getting paid for your rental property. It’s as simple as that.
  • Maintenance – Maintaining a rental property is what most of our clients spend the most amount of time on. Whether it’s an appliance, the roof, the air conditioning, water heater or a simple door handle, it seems like there is always something that needs attention. This is especially true for those rental property owners who own several buildings. We have a certified team that can handle all the maintenance requests that come in 24/7. This means no more 3 am calls about the heat going out or early morning runs to the store to get a part needed for something in the house. We handle all of it so you can rest easy. Literally.
  • Paperwork – Paperwork is actually a large part of what many of our clients have us handle. We ensure you have all the proper paperwork you need for owning a rental property and keeping up with records of everything: billing, maintenance, tenant background checks, and more. We handle all of it so you never have to worry about finding a document or whether you have a copy of it somewhere that you might need.
  • Lawn Care – Lawncare is important for all rental property types, both residential and commercial, because it’s what passersby see. If your lawn looks well kept, tenants are more likely to want to do a walkthrough of the unit to see the inside. We can ensure your lawn is mowed and cared for so those driving by to see if they are interested have a positive first impression. This is also great for your current tenants as they’ll enjoy having a well kept place to rent that looks clean and maintained on the outside.
  • And More – We have even more services we offer that you can check out on our Services page. We believe we really do have something for everyone, so contact our office today to schedule a free consultation. We’d love to hear from you.

Life tends to get complicated and busy, but there are ways to help simplify and take things off your plate and relieve a lot of the stress. Hiring PPMI as your property management company is one of those ways. Our team has been helping rental property owners in Baltimore County since 2007 manage rental properties and simplify their lives. Let us help you continue maintaining your rental properties simply and easily with the services that best fit your needs. We’re just here to help – it’s that simple.

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