Choosing The Right Baltimore Commercial Property Management Company

In today’s complex and ever-growing real estate market, choosing a commercial property management company is one of the many important decisions you can make as a property owner. Where can you find a company you can trust? PPMI is a trusted commercial property management company based in Baltimore. We have several trained and experienced consultants ready to help add value to your properties.

What should you look for in a Baltimore Commercial Property Management Company?

  • Reputation: It is our main objective to ensure efficient, professional, and hassle-free management of your property. We have been helping commercial property owners since 2007 by providing property owners with management solutions that help your properties not only increase in desirability, but also enhance investment value.
  • Property management services: Our services to you include: billing and collecting of rent, processing of evictions, tracking tenant occupancy, providing annual statements for tax purposes, providing monthly itemized statements, and much more.
  • Fees and rates: We offer several fee structures that our Baltimore commercial property owners can choose from:
    • Percentage of monthly rent: For our full-service clients the cost would be based on a percentage of the monthly rent received from your properties. This option has the benefit that if your unit isn’t rented, then you won’t have to pay the percentage. The fee is anywhere from 8%-10%.
    • Flat fee per month: Owners of larger buildings usually choose the flat fee option. This is a fee that is agreed upon by you and our commercial property management company.
  • Consultation: It is our goal to make sure that each property is examined in the off-season as well as the busy season. We provide our property owners with lists of Baltimore contractors that we use at no mark-up from the commercial property management company.

Hiring a commercial property management company can be a great asset to managing your properties, but choosing the right one is the first step. Contact PPMI and let our expert consultants help you today.

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